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Destination Wedding | São Miguel, Açores

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Someone, please, give me a bride to photograph on these dreamy islands.

Once this trip was booked, I described my destination to friends as "The Azores - it's like Portugal's Hawaii". An island chain 500 miles off the coast of Portugal, the Azores boast everything a Destination Wedding Photographer dreams of: dramatic coastlines, steamy hot springs, stunning waterfalls, mountain views, and lakes reflecting storybook villages. There are gardens that have been perfectly manicured throughout many generations, churches and homes older than my gypsy mind can comprehend, farmland accented by ancient rock walls and rustic barns, and every lush detail a nature-lover could imagine.

It's nearly untouched (so far) by tourism - a rare treat that surely won't sustain. Everywhere I went, I pictured a bride and groom in my frame. An adventurous couple that would balance on sharp shoreline, brave the mist from a waterfall, hike to the volcano's ridge, and jump hand in hand into tidal pools. Fearless. Nature-loving. Wanderlusting. In love.



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