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Meet The Team

Two sisters, a photo ninja, and a small-ish dog.


Rebecca Elliot


Sherpa (of even the most awkward people) into gorgeous light and flattering poses. 


Laura Elliot


She knows what you need before you do, and will humbly hand it to you once you figure it out.


David Chu


Near silent while shooting, but a joyful, contagious-laughter sorta guy if you can get him talking.

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Our Photography Style

We're here to make you look SO. GOOD.

Things we have said at weddings:

• "I love all your chins equally, but let's bring it back to one."  

• "There's um, you look... please remove the ring box from your front pocket."

• "Yes, and then lean in and love her a little bit.  *pause while nothing happens* I mean, fake it if you have to."

Things we have done at weddings:

• Ventured up under a bride's gown to straighten, adjust, or bustle.

• Pinned on groomsmen's boutonnieres. 

Like, hundreds of them.

• Shared mints with the groom after he crushes his beer/whiskey/snack two minutes before game-time.

• Offered up a knife, a needle and thread, a lighter, and other pseudo-weapons for the greater good (namely, popped buttons and/or no holes for cufflinks).

• Held umbrellas, doors, and arms for grandparents.

Here's every keyword you found on the Knot ;-)

Film vs Digital

We've all been taught film processing, but (for weddings) we find digital to be faster, easier, and more fail-proof.  We respect photographers who incorporate film, but we currently shoot alllll digital. backed up and backed-up again (and again).

Traditional vs Artistic

We're a mix, leaning towards Artistic.  We will absolutely capture that posed photo for grandma, but you'll also see us using prisms, fairy lights, a myriad of lenses (yes, you can use myriad as a noun), and occasionally lying on the ground for a killer angle.

Guided vs Documentary

All Wedding Photographers shoot Documentary-style, to a point.  We capture the events as they occur.  But some (us, specifically us) give a little guidance to help things look their best.  We'll guide you towards window light to get ready.  We'll ask your bridesmaids to help; we'll get your Mom involved.  We'll direct the aesthetic, so that you can concentrate on being present for your friends and family.

Lifestyle, Editorial, Documentary, Photojournalistic

These are all Documentary styles, with varying degrees of guidance.  We lean towards capturing candids like invisible photo ninjas during the Ceremony, and being a little more visible/helpful the rest of the day.

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Sound like a good match?

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The Hoodoo Pup

We all agree - she's the coolest of the crew.  

Hoodoo lived more life in her first six months than all of us combined.  She was an abandoned res-dog, and Rebecca found her (in very poor shape) on the side of a long stretch of desert road between Moab and Sedona on May 1st, 2017.  

The dirty, starved lil pup didn't have enough energy to run away, so Rebecca scooped her up, and decided to drop her at a vet clinic in the next town.

Then there was no next town.  There was no cell service... there was no... anything.

A couple hours later, Little Cindy Hoodoo became a very unexpected member of the family.


Mt Bierstadt - Hoodoo's first 14er

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 11.08.35

Image (c) Wikipedia

Hoodoos are geological formations, most often found in desserts.  This photo is from Bryce Canyon, Utah (the same state where The Hoodoo-Pup was found!).

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 11.11.53

Image (c) Pixar

You may recall when Russel first found Doug the Dog (in "Up"), he thought he was a rock formation.  Fair warning, we quote many a Disney/Pixar movie ;-)

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