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Do you consider what's important to your partner?  Write thank you letters to your vendors?  Take the time to incorporate your family/friends to make them feel special?  If you're one who speaks kindly, and hosts a wedding with intention - we may be a perfect fit!! 

Adventure doesn't have to be extreme! Would you traipse through a field of tall grass at sunset?  Drive an extra hour to get epic Engagement Photos?  Brave the cold/snow/rain to get the shot?  If you're down to try new things, we'll be there to capture it.

Live your best life!! And let us capture it.

Bahaha, Basic AF.  But, seriously, we like nice people.

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We're going to make you look SO. GOOD.

Candidly put - Weddings are our JAM.  We love love.  And we love knowing that we're getting stunning photos despite delayed timelines, sketch weather, drunk uncles, missing shoes, and anything-that-can-go-wrong-will sort of situations.  We are photo ninjas for hire, and you are going to LOVE your photos.

Weddings demand a calm and controlled technical capture in an emotional setting full of distractions.  Rebecca & her team thrive on it!  Perma-positivity, fluent sarcasm, over thirteen years of experience, and a passion to continue learning new tricks keeps them confident and motivated.   They're happiest with a camera in hand - guiding people into the prettiest light and the most genuine expressions, letting their best self shine through.



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